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Discovery Call

Let’s have a discussion for us to understand your unique needs, and for you to learn more about what we offer and have any questions answered.

Develop A Strategy

With your personalized plan, we begin working towards your goals.

Let the Work Begin!

With your personalized plan, we match you with the academic coach, tutors or consultant to help your students shine.

About Tutoring

Unique one-on-one and group online learning environments with our exceptional tutors in the subjects and levels of your choosing. From K-12 general studies, to specialized language and religious subjects, our knowledgeable and personable tutors are trained to meet your student’s needs. Schedules and plans are tailored to your convenience. Online sessions are recorded for student safety. Contact us for more information.

About Coaching

Parents and students alike have benefitted from our coaching services. From help navigating school applications, to comprehensive behavioral and academic assistance plans, to balancing homework with tutoring, Ignited Minds helps students and their families to find success in all educational areas. Contact us for more information.

About Consultation

Whether you are a school or a teacher seeking advice on anything from classroom management to curriculum design, Ignited Minds is here to provide top consultation services. Our social-emotional learning experts provide resources from virtual dean of students duties to virtual principal duties, along with one-on-one teacher coaching. Contact us for more information.